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Students from online christian high school consortium college matriculationOnline Christian Consortium (OCC) schools share a common mission of preparing students for more than college entrance; these schools aim to prepare students for successful college graduation. As the founding partner school, Oaks Christian Online school (OCO) has enjoyed a 100% college admittance rate for its full-time, online students from all over the world since 2010.

OCO’s school profile, demonstrates this success and the potential for online learning to impact college admittance for students who may not be able to attend a local, Christian, college-preparatory school for many reasons. Even more so, the success of this high-level program also informs and molds the offerings of all OCC courses as they endeavor to prepare students for success at the collegiate level. OCC also looks forward to its partner schools developing offerings for full-time, online students within their sphere of influence and in developing their own school profiles for online academies under their school banners. Please watch this 30 minute video from Director of College Counseling, Cyndy Locke, to further help explain our program.