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Our students and our online christian consortium partner schools

Students will take courses directly from our member schools to be found below and may include students on those campuses, part-time students from non-member schools wishing to take a single course or full-time students wanting  to enroll directly with a diploma-granting, partner school through a selective admissions process.

Students take online courses for a variety of reasons including schedule flexibility, travel, illness, sports, acting, music, accelerating and remediating. All students participating in the Online Christian Consortium should have openness to learning from a Christian worldview and a desire to learn self-motivating study habits while working on rigorous, college preparatory online high school courses.   They should also be independent learners who are motivated to succeed. Successful full-time and part-time students create daily calendars to schedule adequate time to stay on pace with their course due dates.  They are proactive self-advocates who reach out by email, phone or Skype to all the members of their support team when questions arise.  Students who make the most of the flexibility that blending their course work offers also schedule social, work and hobby opportunities outside of school.  These opportunities provide a balance between focused study hours and time to pursue other passions.

Online Christian Consortium member schools take part in regular webinars that promote a culture of online learning at their schools; this ongoing professional development helps schools determine students that may be a good fit for online learning through pre-requisite online or hybrid courses, placement tests, interviews and course enrollment best practices.
To find out more about membership tiers, contact us!